Open your own Muffin Cafe. Find a site anywhere in the UK. We will advise and help you to set up your own Muffin Cafe Business either in the Muffinski's style or using your own branding. You could choose to operate a Muffin cafe with seating, takeaway, bakery.....or a combination of all three. The size of the site you choose can be flexible depending on the proposed venture.

Our service includes

Location -We will visit the site with you and advise on its suitability

Design - We will be available at all stages of development to help with layout, equipment and seating, where applicable.

Shop fitting - We have the contacts needed for all aspects of shopfitting, including manufacturers, suppliers and fitters.

Recipes - We provide complete assistance with purchasing of ingredients, including Muffinskis special Muffin mix.

Training - We will fully train and help you and your staff in the fields of:

      • Front of House
      • Stock ordering, control and rotation
      • Recruitment, and staff training
      • Sales, Marketing, and Website development
      • Muffin baking
      • Use and maintenance of equipment
      • Health and Safety
      • Environmental Health

We will stay with the new owner for one week, or longer if required, to assist with the initial operation of the business during the most important first few days of trading.