Muffinski's range of products are based on a unique muffin mix, using the finest organic ingredients, and milled exclusively for Muffinskis on a farm in the South of England. Scrumptous, low in fat, vegetarian, healthy and freshly baked, Muffinski's product range caters for all people.

The Flour is stone ground at a traditional Water-Mill dating back centuries, steeped in history and even referred to in the Domesday book!

The manfacturing process uses no machinery, and retains authenticity by being totally hand made using the Muffinki's recipe's. Fresh fruit and vegatables are added at just the right time, the muffin mix is put into trays....and baked. They are then brought fresh and warm from the oven straight to the counter for sale, ensuring a high quality product every time.

The product range consists of more than 80 unique recipes, though the base for each muffin is similar to provide a consistency across the range that regular visters to Muffinski's have grown to expect.